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Make competition irrelevant through innovative marketing and supply chain strategies that are guided by the robust concepts of 'Theory of Constraints'.

In the survey of over 100 organizations that had implemented TOC based solutions conducted by independent researchers Vicky Mabin and Steven Balderstone and published in their book ‘The World of Theory of Constraints’, the following amazing results were reported:

  • 69%
    Mean Reduction 69%
  • 66%
    Mean Reduction 66%
  • 60%
    Mean Improvement 60%
  • 50%
    Inventory Levels
    Mean Reduction 50%
  • 68%
    Revenue / Throughput
    Mean Increase 68% (outlier exclusive)
  • 82%
    Combined Financial Variable
    Mean Increase 82%

Leading Supply Chain Consulting firm

Strategy and Systems is a supply chain consulting firm highly experienced in designing and implementing its supply chain solutions to a wide varied of client companies. Supply chain companies that manufacture, stock and distribute physical products often suffer from the problems of too much and too little inventory of their products at stocking points, these problems typically co-exist. While too much inventory blocks working capital and increases the risk of obsolescence, too little inventory runs the risk of lost sales opportunities. Conventional stock planning methods use forecasting to predict demand and position stock, when demand exceeds or is found lesser than the forecast, it results in shortages or non-moving surplus stocks. Therefore having a balanced yet effective inventory has always been challenging. Theory of Constraints based Supply chain solutions aligns the whole chain to respond to actual market requirements while ensuring an effective inventory mix at the stocking and consumption points. TOC's simple but robust priority mechanism triggers the right behaviours and culture in the supply chain resulting in superior business results.

Strategy and Systems is a leading supply chain consulting firm that specializes in using advanced Theory of Constraints concepts to overcome the above challenges. We have a structured approach to analyse our clients supply chain problems and develop unique business solutions involving all the stake holders such as wholesalers, distributors, dealers and retailers in the supply chain landscape. We have handheld several companies to successfully implement our solutions which has delivered significant business results

supply chain management consulting

"Multiple decades of expertise in Supply Chain Consulting"

Our core experts have vast experience in managing transformational consulting projects.

Our Supply Chain Consulting Services

Every business has at least one constraint (or leverage point) which limits the output of the entire business operation – Constraint limits business profitability – just as chain's weakest link limits its strength.

Engagement Methodology

Explore our risk free 4 step engagement model. We start with an initial meeting for setting the goal and objective of our solution, and in the subsequent steps help you to assess the benefit potential due to our business solution, before you deep dive.

Supply Chain Consulting Services

We walk the Talk! Unlike conventional supply chain consulting companies, we partner with our clients to not only provide the advisory services, but also help our clients to implement robust processes that streamline the supply chain

Business Innovation

Over time markets become saturated, products and technologies mature. To stay in the game, companies must continuously develop new value propositions for their markets. To assure an on ongoing growth, new value propositions must be real breakthroughs for companies. Explore our business innovation model for companies

FLOW – the end to endSupply Chain Management software

Flow is a flexible and robust software that propels the supply chain of our client companies. Flow is built on the world renowned concepts of theory of constraints and aids the companies to streamline the flow of inventories end to end.

Client Success Stories

A Leading Equipment Manufacturer

"Leading construction equipment manufacturing company dealing with 2500+ aftermarket parts, in order to provide higher customer service levels has successfully implemented TOC processes. The company's spare parts availability has increased to 90% plus levels (from 65% prior to TOC), while reducing their overall inventory by less than half (from 66 days of inventory to 27 days) , Replenishment time for supplies from suppliers have decreased by 30- 40%. The Inventory turns of the company has improved by 120% in 12 months from the commencement of implementing TOC processes, Sales has improved drastically by 15-20% due to higher availability of parts. Through this initiative the entire vendor base is trained and educated to align their supplies to the actual market requirement of the company. Overall firefighting and stress levels have dramatically reduced, while the company has gained comprehensive visibility of their entire supply chain".

A Leading Consumer Product Company

A leading consumer durable product company had several business challenges including lower market penetration, eroding market share, high inventory levels in the supply chain, low response time to market needs, discounts and write-off's etc. the company implemented TOC processes with our guidance improved their overall top line performance by 15 ~ 20%, gained market share due to better product portfolio offering to the consumers, reduction in inventory by 24% within a short time from the commencement of the TOC initiative"

A Fast Growing Automotive Assembly Manufacturer

'A leading automotive assembly manufacturer faced challenges of low On Time In Full to its customers that led to poor customer satisfaction. The company revised its manufacturing strategies using the world renowned concepts of theory of constraints to gain full kit availability of its components for its assembly. Gaining higher full kit performance for assembly improved the OTIF performance which in turn leads to higher customer satisfaction and repeat business for the company'

A Leading International Jewellery Company

Leading international Jewellery company implemented our business innovation framework and realized significant top line and bottom line growth. "I am really happy to say that the like-to-like sales have grown. We have achieved around 25% growth in sales when the market itself de-grown more than 20%. We needed an ignite and this was done by LRN. We feel that the full potential of the impactful ideas is still to be realized and we are confident that we can look forward to a continued better growth in the near future" BS Vadivelu, Chief Executive Officer, 7 Cs group



Schwing stetter

TOC was an eye opener as it challenged our basic understanding and approach in meeting the requirements of our Aftermarket business. TOC concepts and processes were very simple, easy to understand and quick to implement...

Vijay Babu

General Manager – After Market Planning & Stores

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7Cs Group

We spent almost 3 years to strengthen all our basics of retailing. We used to compare the industry parameters with our results. Most of the times we do better based on position of the brand. However, the sales numbers and the overall business results are not encouraging for the investors. This is the time we thought we should do something different to propel the sales and hence the business results.


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