Software Solutions

Leverage the power of your ERP

While the ERP systems help companies to track daily transactions and unify the company wide data and information, our Flow software aid robust managerial decision making. Flow is a web based application that interfaces with your ERP, apply business rules based on the principles of theory of constraints to support agile supply chain decisions. Flow regulates the flow of products across the supply chain nodes and align the company's operation to market requirements. Flow is designed for easy and quick interface with company's ERP in a matter of few days.

Flow has multiple modules to support varied business scenarios depending upon the company's business model. Flow can concurrently support varied business models such as:

  • Make to stock (MTS)
  • Make to availability (MTA)
  • Make to order (MTO)
  • Engineered to order (ETO)
  • Assembled to order (ATO)
  • Retail supply chains
  • Aftermarket businesses

Flow is designed and built with some rich functionalities and features to manage modern day complex supply chains.

Flow opens up the visibility of products spanning the supply chain nodes such that

  • Product flow across multiple nodes are aligned as per actual market requirements. It eliminates/minimizes unneeded inventory thereby reducing surpluses for the company
  • Non moving inventories across the nodes are identified and prompt actions are carried out which in turn improves the inventory turns and ROI for the company
  • Unavailable inventories (zero stock and depleted stock items) are identified and focussed for corrective actions to avoid loss of sales
  • Pull signals/replenishment orders are generated to the supplying nodes for effective and timely refilling of inventory to ensure optimal inventory levels are maintained across the supply chain nodes
  • Inventory levels of stock items are dynamically adjusted to align with actual consumption in the market, so that the varying consumption pattern of the market is tracked and aligned.
  • Vendors are swiftly refilling the items (raw materials and bought out items) at company's warehouses as per real requirements and not for fictitious forecasted requirements
  • Priority for expediting and focus is abundantly clear
  • Correct allocation of stock happens when faced with constrained supplies
  • Vendors, company users and customers can log in from anywhere, any time for swift actions and alignment

Flow is built with sophisticated security mechanism to provide safe and secure information sharing

Flow can be quickly interfaced with any kind of ERP such as SAP, Oracle and home grown IT systems; several companies with different types of ERP systems are using Flow to manage their supply chains.

Flow is in built with worlds best practices coupled with information rich charts and tables for easy analysis and conclusions

Govern your supply chain through a visible priority system

Inventory level for the item is critical. Take swift actions to refill inventory

Inventory level for the item is fine. No specific actions are recommended

inventory level for the item is healthy. Monitor these items to avoid surpluses in future.