Explore our new book 'Demystifying Retail' for retail management | Explore our new book 'Demystifying Retail' for retail management | Explore our new book 'Demystifying Retail' for retail management | Explore our new book 'Demystifying Retail' for retail management | Explore our new book 'Demystifying Retail' for retail management | Explore our new book 'Demystifying Retail' for retail management | Explore our new book 'Demystifying Retail' for retail management |
Enabling Flow,
Unlocking Value

Our core experts have vast experience in managing transformational consulting projects. We have worked closely with family run businesses, large corporates and mid-sized Indian companies managed by professionals. Our core forte lies in hand holding companies towards pre-defined objectives and business results. We have vast experience working with managers across the hierarchy of the organization... Read more

We partner with our clients if and only if we are convinced that we can add sizable value to our clients

Theory of Constraints Consulting

" Enabling Flow, Unlocking Value "

TOC Experts from our company have enormous experience & knowledge gained through  Theory of Constraints Consulting with several industry verticals such as FMCG, Engineering, Capital equipment, Automotive, IT, Retail, Construction, Chemical and process based industries, pharmaceutical and heavy engineering. Our cumulative TOC consulting experience exceeds 100 man years of guiding several companies towards significant business benefits... Read more

About Theory of Constraints

" Focus is the key "

Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints (TOC) is systematic management approach which focuses on improving a few physical and logical leverage (constraints) points of an organization in order to achieve an order of magnitude improvement in the performance of the system as a whole. TOC derives its roots from physics and sternly belives that most of the business problems emanate from very few core business conflicts and are connected with each other through cause and effect... Read more

Our Methods

" Enabling breakthrough solutions "

Many times companies accept and operate within age old industry beliefs, practices and assumptions – Until or otherwise these assumptions are challenged for its relevance, step jump in performance cannot be unearthed. Even within the same industry no two companies are similar. We administer a 3 step holistic process that analyses 'What to Change?', 'What to Change to?', 'How to cause the change? that typically reveals the break through business solution and direction for ongoing business results. We use TOC's powerful thinking process tools to discover the apt business solution for the specific client company... Read more


Every industry has its own unique business challenges. While the core principles remain the same,
we have different approaches and solutions for the following industries




Aftermarket businesses



Information technology


Consumer durables

Software solutions

Leverage the power of your ERP

While the ERP systems help companies to track daily transactions and unify the company wide data and information, our Flow software aid robust managerial decision making. Flow is a web based application that interfaces with your ERP, apply business rules based on the principles of theory of constraints to support agile supply chain decisions. Flow regulates the flow of products across the supply chain nodes and align the company's operation to market requirements. Flow is designed for easy and quick interface with company's ERP in a matter of few days... Read more

Inventory level for the item is critical. Take swift actions to refill inventory

Inventory level for the item is fine. No specific actions are recommended

inventory level for the item is healthy. Monitor these items to avoid surpluses in future

Interesting Facts

Lead time down by


Due date performance up by


Inventory reduction down by


Overall revenue increase by


A survey involving several organizations that had implemented TOC based solutions were conducted by independent researchers Vicky Mabin and Steven Balderstone. The outcome of the survey was subsequently published in their book 'The World of Theory of Constraints' which portrays the amazing business results these companies have realized. Over the last 15 years several leading Indian companies involved in manufacturing, engineering, distribution, retail, pharmaceutical and project based businesses have implemented TOC concepts and have realized immense business benefits. When TOC solutions are effectively implemented, step jump results are often realized within a span of few weeks.