TOC consulting

Enabling flow, unlocking value

It is our prime objective of business existence to enable flow (of products and services) and unlock hidden value from our client's value chain through our interventions.

The core experts from our company have enormous experience & knowledge gained through TOC Consulting with several industry verticals such as FMCG, Engineering, Capital equipment, Automotive, IT, Retail, Construction, Chemical and process based industries, pharmaceutical and heavy engineering. Our cumulative TOC consulting experience exceeds 100 man years of guiding several companies towards significant business benefits.

Often, break through results arise when the company is able to not only change itself but also align value chain partners to the change. We have worked closely not only with our client's management team, but also with their vendor base and customers. We are much aware that every client's scenarios are unique and therefore we are committed to customize and tailor make business solutions that befit the specific scenario.

Breaking the Consulting Paradigm:

We walk the Talk! Unlike conventional consulting companies, we partner with our clients to not only provide the advisory services but also to implement the business solutions and handhold the client's team towards desired business results.
We partner with our clients if and only if we are convinced that we can add sizable value to our clients!!!

Explore our 4 step TOC Consulting Model

  • Initial meeting to explore value opportunities
  • 2 day dip stick evaluation by our experts
  • 4 day top management workshop on the solution direction
  • Implementation of the business solution

Our clients have benefitted by

  • Improving sales by 30%-40% year on year
  • Improved profits by 30%
  • Reduced overall inventory by 40%
  • Tripled inventory turns
  • Increased availability of parts to 98%+
  • Improved their fill rates to 98%+
  • Improved on time performance to 95%+
  • Reduced firefighting and stress levels of their teams

Our Methodology

We approach any business problem systematically by analysing 'What to Change?', Deciding on 'What to Change to?', Implementing using 'How to cause the change?'

What to Change?

Any business solution that is designed to solve the symptomatic issues would yield negligible results, after humungous managerial efforts. Break through results are realized by identifying the 'Core problem' which are behind the maze of the obvious. The identified 'Core problem' becomes the 'Focus' for improvement.

What to Change to?

Systematically we challenge the prevalent business assumptions and deep rooted industry beliefs. Continuing to do what we do and expecting different results is insanity. We evolve the break through direction that would obliterate the 'Core problem'. Solving the core problem would eliminate the symptomatic issues

How to Cause the change?

Drafting a systematic change process to transform from the current reality to the desired state.

We use an array of TOC thinking process tools to support the above analysis.

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