Strategy and Systems Consulting

Strategy and Systems Consulting has been formed with an objective of rendering disruptive value to our clients by enabling smooth flow in their value chain through the application of theory of constraints philosophy. The team at Strategy and Systems Consulting are highly inspired to create breakthrough performances due to our interventions and are motivated by Dr. Goldratt’s tag line “Even sky is not the limit”. We believe every client’s environment is unique and business solutions have to be tailor made to solve company specific problems.

Our senior consultants have vast experience in managing transformational consulting projects over the last few decades. We have worked closely with family run businesses, large corporates and mid-sized Indian companies managed by professionals. Our core forte lies in hand holding companies towards pre-defined objectives and business results. We have vast experience working with managers across the hierarchy of the organisation.

Our Senior Consultant's team profile

Our TOC consultants are professionally trained and certified by the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization. We have a proven project planning and execution methodology that deeply engrains the learnings and best practices accumulated by our TOC consultants across numerous TOC projects that accomplishes quick results. As a part of our methodology we lay high emphasis on goal setting, data analytics, gaining consensus across the company, designing the company specific TOC solution while retaining the core principles of TOC, detailed TOC training, coaching and mentoring. Our TOC consultants are result focussed in their approach while giving adequate importance in ensuring the company’s management team front ending the project to ensure sustainability in the company’s pursuit for business growth. We have several project review gateways in our project execution methodology that flags project progress against timelines and to analyse root causes to milestone successes and failures.

Keeping in mind that our clients not only need directions for ‘Managing the current’, but also innovative break through ideas for ‘Managing the future’, we have a robust methodology for instilling business innovation practices with a given company. Our innovation experts have hands on experience of guiding several companies in their journey for innovation excellence with proven results.