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“Demystifying Retail” - A business novel by L. R. Natarajan & M. Prabhakar

Our book is aimed at democratizing the best practices of successful retailing. This book is written in the form of a business novel, (the turnaround story of a jewelry retail chain) in evincing interest in the readers to understand the principles and processes in making retail operations more efficient and effective.

Aditya, a young graduate in management received an unusual challenge from his father, to double the sales revenue and profit of the family's chain of Jewelry stores in 24 months, with the available/ existing inventory. As per the will crafted by Aditya's father, all the assets of the company (Rs 500 Crore) will go for a charitable cause, if Aditya does not achieve the target, and will receive only Rs 100 Lacs and a house to restart his life.

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“The chapters make for breezy reading, carrying with it several twists and turns. LRN has produced a thriller which demystifies the various notions we sometimes carry of the retail industry. I am sure you will enjoy reading this book and will be greatly enriched by the knowledge you assimilate”

– Bijou Kurien, Chairman, Retailers Association of India (RAI)

“In his conversational style Natarajan has succinctly captured the fundamentals of inventory planning, planogramming and replenishment processes without confusing the reader with unnecessary jargon”

– Ajoy Chawla, CEO, Tanishq (Titan Industries)

“If you love retailing, and wish to master this space, you will love this book. Don’t miss it.”

– Harish Bhat, Brand Custodian, Tata Sons, Author of # Tata Stories.

“This book on “Demystifying Retail “by Prabhakar and Natarajan is bringing in much needed merchandising wisdom in delivering both freshness and value to the end consumer consistently . The four golden rules crafted by the authors is pretty much applicable to a wide spectrum of retail segments”

-Vasanth kumar, former Managing Director, Landmark group

“This book is appropriate for you, if you’re looking to unlock the full potential of your retail establishment. Aptly titled named ‘demystifying retail’, the AUTHORS break down the complex aspects of Retail Jewellery into simpler impactful areas that are easily understandable to the reader via the route of an interesting Novel”

- K Srinivasan, Chairman & MD Emerald Jewel Industry India Ltd.

“An extremely valuable book to unwind the challenges related to inventory management that most of the jewellery retailer face. Kudos to Mr. Natarajan & Mr. Prabakar for such an insightful book and adding value to our jewellery industry”

– Aditya Chawla, Punjab Jewellers and Sons

“Read and it makes you think that impossible is nothing.TOC explained so simply and beautifully with real application in the Retail Jewellery Business!. What a Book, haven't read a better about how Retail Jewellery Bussiness should be done ever. Its a gold mine for anyone who wants to improve their inventory Management !. Hats off to the authors.Mr. M Prabhakar and L.R Natrajan, I have become you biggest fan. I am convinced now that Jewellery Business is Arts, Science and Maths Together”

-Sanjay kalsi - Founder J D Solitaire Jewellery / Diamonds
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